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Förtroendefullt Samarbete® – Öppen utbildning

”Inte Finans. Inte Strategi. Inte Teknologi. Lagarbete är och förblir den avgörande konkurrensfördelen. Om man kunde få alla medlemmar i en organisation att ro åt samma håll, skulle man få en dominerande ställning i varenda bransch, på varenda marknad, mot alla konkurrenter hela tiden.”

Dive into digital strategy

Things have changed dramatically since the start of the new millennium and digital is the new normal. Everyone working now or in the future in areas like planning, project management and product development need a deep understanding of the networked society and digitalization in general.

During this ten-week course, run five full days and five evening sessions, you can learn how to get up to speed with the latest skills, tools and methods to come up with digital strategies. You’ll find the inspiration to dive deeper into digital strategy and gain confidence to follow up on your ideas.

“Manage the top line; your strategy, your people and your products, and the bottom line will follow”
— Steve Jobs
Former chairman, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc

The Masarin Way

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Get the job done

Test and apply new tools and approaches to develop your team and deliver results. Understand the digital landscape and get familiar with transformative technologies such as AI, AR and Data.

Get the confidence

Learn to navigate uncertainty, disruption, and change, and learn to do this with a digital mindset.

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Kul workshop

Förtroendefullt Samarbete® – Öppen utbildning

Masarin Consulting, Trädgårdsgatan 27, Sundsvall

2018-11-28 — 2018-11-30

13000 + internatkostnad