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Dave Snowden: Managing in a complex environment

If you work as a scrum master or product owner or practice agile coaching, this is a great workshop for you to extend your understanding of the fundamentals of agile environments. If you work with management in any way project this workshop will give new perspectives on how to deal with complex situations and decision making in uncertainty. This workshop is aimed to educate and inspire professionals with interest in agile processes and complex systems.

Masarin Consulting in association with Cognitive Edge is proud to announce a two-day workshop with Dave Snowden in Sundsvall upcoming february 13-14. Dave Snowden is the creator of the Cynefin Framework and the founder of Cognitive Edge and has worked with knowledge management and complexity in sensemaking all of his life.

Dave Snowden visits Sundsvall to inspire and educate about complex adaptive systems and the Cynefin framework. The workshop will give you the possibilities to learn about the Cynefin framework and how to apply it in organisations to make better decisions across ordered contexts, complex situations, and prepare for and seize the innovation opportunity offered by chaos. In this workshop Dave will introduce and explore the latest practices and approaches that effectively integrate agility, resilience, and innovation in organisations for managing under conditions of uncertainty. The Cynefin framework is a cohesive set of principles and methods based on the latest concepts from complexity science, anthropology, evolutionary biology, and cognitive science.

This workshop with Dave Snowden is an event delivered by Masarin Consulting in collaboration with Cognitive Edge. Book your seat fast, the workshop will be filled up quickly.

Please note that this workshop will be delivered in English.

Avbokningsregler: Workshopen faktureras vid anmälningstillfället med 30 dagars betalningsvillkor. Vid avbokning av kursplats tidigare än 30 kalenderdagar återbetalas 100% av kursavgiften, avbokning 15-30 dagar före kursstart återbetalas 50% och senare avbokning än 15 dagar återbetalas 0% av kursavgiften. Kursplats kan överlåtas till annan deltagare.

Dave Snowden: Managing in a complex environment

Conference center in Sundsvall City

2019-02-13 — 2019-02-14 08:00-16:00

Pris 22 000 kr exkl. moms